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10 Job Opportunities Or Prospects For The Art Of Music And His Wages

10 Job Opportunities Or Prospects For The Art Of Music And His Wages

People who love music still need higher education to be able to produce phenomenal work. You can still choose to continue your education in college by majoring in music art or can attend a music producer workshop joe solo. No need to worry about plans because you have 10 prospects for the following musical artwork.

1. Music Industry Management

If you want to be a person who works behind the scenes, you can choose the music industry management. Your job is to manage a musical performance, music distribution and others.

2. Musician

A dream of music lovers from childhood to continuing to study music art is to become a musician. You can be a singer, band player, songwriter and others. The salary offered for entertainment workers is huge. You have the opportunity to get royalties from album sales, concert fees and other benefits.

3. Audio Engineer

Music art job prospects can put you working in the studio to manage the process of sound manipulation, audio combination and others. The salary offered for audio engineers can reach the US $ 45,000.

4. Arts Administration

The task of an administration is very large according to the salary offered between 30-50 thousand dollars. The arts administration is responsible for fundraising, collaborating with performance committees and other heavy tasks.

5. Song Arrangement

Music art is universal so you can be anything you want after graduating from music arts. You don’t have to be a singer, you can take advantage of music’s ability to arrange songs. The more sensitive you are to the tone guide, the bigger the salary offered is between 20-40 thousand dollars.

6. Music Agent

Want to earn hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year? Music agent is the right career choice. You can learn to be professional to arrange a gig schedule, artist team management and others.

7. Accompanist

You are responsible for all private shows and group ensembles. The duties and responsibilities are very large so that the show can run smoothly. The smarter you negotiate with the event committee, the greater the salary value obtained. Being an Accompanist can get a fantastic salary if a lot of work comes to you.

8. Broadcast Engineer

Having good communication skills can also be your capital to become a television announcer or radio announcer. You can host various events related to music.

9. Application Developer

You surely know about some of the music applications that are widely used in this Millennial era. Who knows? You also have the talent of music-based software developers who can be trending among music lovers.

10. Blogger

The final career choice depends greatly on your writing skills. If you like writing, there is no harm in developing a blog around the world of music. It could be that your blog will be famous so that it gets an extraordinary salary from ads.

Interested in trying college in the field of music art? 10 music artwork prospects above can be a reference for you who are confused about what you want to major in!


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