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3 Easy to visit Middle Eastern countries

3 Easy to visit Middle Eastern countries

Submission and making of a visa are one of the most troublesome things,  how to learn arabic letters which you must inevitably pass when preparing yourself before traveling. If you want to travel abroad and do not want to be bothered with visa matters, the following six Middle Eastern countries are options that are not missed. Aside from that, check out the online arabic learning centers near you, so you can also learn the basics of Arabic language before you visit the Middle Eastern Countries.

1. Morocco

If you plan to travel to Morocco, the Sahara Desert should be at the top of the list of places to visit. Riding a camel along a vast stretch of brown sand while holding the heat of the sun will be an unforgettable life experience. Chefchaouen, a beautiful city that is dominated by blue, becomes another destination that also deserves to be included in the list. Can’t wait to see and feel the anesthetic of Moroccan beauty? Immediately set the time, prepare tickets, take a passport, and you can immediately explore Morocco without the need to bring a visa. Visa-free in Morocco lasts for ninety days.

2. Oman

Like several other Middle Eastern countries, Oman also applies Visa on Arrival (VOA) policies for tourists from South East Asia. Upon arrival, you can immediately determine the visa needed. For tourism purposes, there are two types of visas that are distinguished based on their validity period. First, a visa with a validity period of ten days. Second, a visa with a validity period of one month. These two visas have the same purpose and you can choose a visa that matches the number of days that will be spent in Oman. After the visa is in hand. You can go directly to Jebel Shams, Nakhal Fort, Bahla Fort, Salalah and Wadi Shab.

3. Bahrain

With a visa-free policy imposed two years ago, tourists who want to visit Bahrain simply apply for an electronic visa (e-visa) online and obtain a visa with a validity period of thirty days. Arriving in Bahrain, you can visit the Bahrain National Museum which is the oldest and largest museum there, shop at Manama Souq, watch F1 racing matches at the Bahrain International Circuit, or visit the Al Fateh Grand Mosque which is one of the largest mosques in the world.


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