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3 Signs of choosing the wrong exercise type

3 Signs of choosing the wrong exercise type

No doubt about it, exercise has a variety of positive benefits to support health and fitness. However, it is important to know whether the type of exercise is in accordance with your abilities and needs. So what are the signs that the type of sport you choose does not fit so there is no need to continue? Meanwhile, you may check out the Sport Life Adviser to buy the high-quality hand wrist wraps and other pieces of gym equipment.

Here are the signs:

What is the sign that the sport is not suitable?

1. Often hurt

Have done many sports, but many times you are always injured or injured? Maybe the sport does not match your body’s ability.

According to Jessica Matthews, an assistant sports science lecturer at Miramar College San Diego, one of the causes of sprains; injury; or other injuries that occur during exercise is because you are too push yourself during practice.

The ability of each person is different. Some are good at balancing, some are able to train muscles and others.

2. Feeling tired unbearable

It’s a sport is not complete if not accompanied by fatigue. However, if done properly, exercise should contribute energy to the body, rather than always trigger fatigue. Especially if the fatigue you experience lasts for several days after doing sports.

Irv Rubenstein, a sports physiologist and founder of a fitness center in Nashville, USA, says that long-term fatigue is a sign of overtraining, and the body can not take time to recover.

3. Exercise feels easy

Types of sports that no longer suit you do not necessarily have a negative impact. You see, the longer you do a type of exercise, your body gets used to it.

When the sport that had been difficult to be much easier, it means your body is enough to adapt and make rapid progress with the sport. Well, this is one of the signs that the sport is no longer suitable for you.

If you experience this, you should change your exercise routine or the type of exercise you are performing at a higher level. For example, as long as you only do regular yoga, you should replace with more challenging yoga creations such as yoga aerial.


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