4 Mistakes To Avoid In Mopping

When we talk about office cleanliness, one of the things that people focus on when entering an office is the cleanliness of the floor. When the office floor looks dirty, this will make people lazy to come to the office, including these clients who will not want to hold meetings in the office. This will make a pretty bad impression on your office. To keep your office floor clean, we recommend that you work with a professional floor cleaning service such as carpet cleaning gordon vacuum to always keep your office floor clean. In this case, you are better advised to work with professional services to get really good results. In addition, when you really want to hire someone yourself, then make sure that person really understands how to clean the floor in the right way.

Making sure this is important because there are still many people who make mistakes when mopping. Here are some mistakes that are often made by people who don’t really know how to use the right technique when mopping. First, most people forget to clean the mop after they use it. In this case, many people think that they do not need to clean the mop after mopping the floor. But, you need to remember that you also can’t make the floor cleaner if you use a dirty mop.

Then the second is most people do not change the water floor cleaning solution. You need to know that cleaning the floor with water cleaning solution that is already dirty, this will move dirt and bacteria around the floor. Therefore, when the floor cleaning solution water looks cloudy and changes color, then it is time for you to replace it with a new one. The third is to mop the floor using warm water. This is also not true.

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