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4 Natural Treatments for Appearance of evenly colored facial skin

4 Natural Treatments for Appearance of evenly colored facial skin

Basically, the color of facial skin has a difference, especially on the cheeks and parts of T. However, the use of chemicals such as make-up and sun exposure can make differences in facial skin color more clearly visible and lead to a feeling of insecurity. Nowadays, there are many beauty products that can be used to flatten facial skin color, but not all skin types can be suitable because of the chemical ingredients contained in these beauty products. Another solution, try using this natural method which is certainly safe for facial skin and effectively flattens the skin. Meanwhile, check out the recommended My Lighter Skin website as well.

1. Honey mask

The content of antioxidants, vitamins C and E, as well as various types of minerals in honey, is very good for facial skin moisture. Not only that, honey can naturally flatten uneven facial skin color. The method is also easy, apply honey to the face evenly, then let it sit until it dries. After that, clean with a towel that has been soaked in warm water slowly. Do this method regularly 2 times a week at night before going to bed.

2. Yogurt and milk masks

Not only flattening facial skin, masks from a mixture of pure milk and yogurt can also make facial skin smooth and moist. The trick, mix yogurt and milk, stir until it becomes like pasta, then spread on the face evenly. Leave the mask until it dries, then wash it with warm water.

3. Mask lemon

The content of antioxidants and vitamin C in lemon has the properties of whitening facial skin. Mix enough lemon juice with pure rice flour to taste, stir until smooth, then apply to facial skin. Leave the mask about 15-20 minutes then wash it with warm water. Routinely using a lemon juice mask can make dead skin cells quickly lifted and the skin color of the face also looks evener.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil contains Omega 3 which can even out the color of facial skin, besides that, it can also help remove scars on the face. The method is simply by applying a few drops of olive oil to the skin of the face before going to bed, let stand until morning, after it is cleaned.


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