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4 Reasons if he doesn’t want to have a commitment with you

4 Reasons if he doesn’t want to have a commitment with you

You may have experienced an incident where you were close to someone, sent messages at any time and paid attention to each other but were never given certainty. Or when you ask for certainty, he instead chooses to retreat. Before you complain about this to your friends, you should read the following reasons. Aside from that, if you’re looking for doctors or surgeons to be your partner, just visit the trusted dating sites for medical professionals.

He is still haunted by the past

You are the only person who has a bad story in the world of love. He might also have it. It could be that your dream man still likes his charm, does not believe in a commitment or instead is afraid of being rejected. Show him that you care by letting him share his feelings about his past. It’s not fun to hear him talk about other girls, but by listening to him and showing him you can accept it, you show him your maturity.

He doesn’t want to be bound

This does not mean that something is wrong with you and that does not mean that the person is a jerk, he is just not ready to settle down. It could even actually have feelings for you, but it is not ready for a relationship.

He feels depressed

If a man feels as if you expect too much from a relationship, it makes the situation too seriously. That will make him imagine a relationship that will make him depressed.

He doesn’t really lead to you

He could not be able to give a commitment because he did not really like you, he just wanted to have fun with you. To avoid disappointment, you should find out if he really likes you and does not put too much hope in him.

If he is not willing to commit, that is not necessarily a jerk. Find out the cause before assessing the reasons behind it. Everyone has problems too, just as you experience. Who knows?


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