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4 Tips for decorating your office

4 Tips for decorating your office

Although it seems trivial, a few simple designs and decoration changes in an office environment can make employees happier, healthier and more productive. Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to check out the 10 Best Home Decor.

Here are some simple ways to change the office design that evokes work enthusiasm

1. Ergonomics

This means harmonization between workers, type of work, and the environment. For example, you will not be able to be productive if your body is sick because it is too long to sit staring at a computer screen.

Try to spend a little time organizing and adjusting work support equipment with your body. Try to pay attention to the height of chairs and work tables and monitor screens. Make sure all three support your position while working. In addition, arrange for other items to be easily accessible so as not to strain the muscles.

2. Trim goods that are too messy

Cleaning the desk and workspace can increase employee productivity in the office. As a good worker, you must keep your items neat including files and folders on the computer.

Neat items and documents will save time when working. Some small things that you can do right now are:

– Organize files

– Delete documents is not important

– Tidy up tables, workrooms, and so on

3. Select Productive Colors

It has been proven that color affects employee productivity in the workplace. Although individually everyone has their own preference for color. However, universally colors still have an effect to affect everyone.

The blue color stimulates the mind, yellow encourages the creation of ideas or creativity, red affects the physical and green creates a calming balance. In addition, also pay attention to the saturation and intensity of color choices. Bright colors are stimulating, while soft colors are more soothing.

4. Fused with Nature

If you can’t do anything about wall paint or lighting, you can make other changes. Try to bring a small pot as a table decoration. Indirectly this method can increase your productivity.

From research in 2011 and 2013, it was proven that having natural elements on the table can increase employee productivity. Natural elements can also filter the air to eliminate mold and bacteria and make employees feel happier and healthier.


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