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5 Ways to recruit the high-quality employees

5 Ways to recruit the high-quality employees

Recruiting employees is actually attracting a person or group of people who are considered competent to work in a particular company, of course many problems that will be encountered a human resources manager during the process of pre-selection until after selection . In the meantime, you can also call the outsourcing service call center if you look only for the finest recruits.

Problems that often encountered such as the number of applicants who are too many or little, applicants who do not match the competence, problems during job interviews, until the recruitment results are not in line with expectations. An effective employee recruitment process will make the company’s goal of obtaining the best human resources possible and also to alleviate the work of a manager in the recruitment process. What should be done to be able to perform the recruitment process effectively?

How to Recruit Employees

1. Recruitment planning

Before you recruit a number of employees you need to collect some of the information needed to be on target. Through the human resources department you can find out the number of employees you need to fill vacant positions. So in publishing or advertising recruitment employees you can choose the right strategy and media.

In addition to the number of employees, you must determine the level of expertise required by the company in accordance with the job description, do not let you hire experts just to do simple work and do not hire workers who do not have the special skills to do jobs outside the ability, then before you recruiting your employees must determine the level of expertise required.

The next step is to determine the level of education in accordance with the position to be placed. The more strategic the position will be occupied, the higher the level of education required. Then set a grace period to meet those needs. So you can complete your work or project targets on schedule.

2. Where to recruit

you need to determine the city or region where you are recruiting your employees, choose a place that has a high workforce with a high level of education as well so you get plenty of opportunities to choose your competent employee candidates. You can find information about it in CPM.

3. Choosing the most appropriate recruitment method for the job title

You can choose which recruitment method is right with your company’s needs, for example, employee referrals, walk-ins & write-ins, you can also work with employment companies, labor organizations, educational institutions and so on. Companies can use a variety of methods in one recruitment session according to conditions.

4. Enchanting applicants

The biggest motivation someone to work in your company is salary, suitability with the type of work with the specialization, facilities, and so forth. Therefore you should include as clear and complete as possible the information on the media that you use to publish such recruitment information.

5. Sort

How to Recruit Employees After many resumes or CVs to go to your company, choose which candidate you think suits your needs. Choose wisely and carefully, get rid of those that do not fit the criteria and keep them in line. If too many incoming applications you can use third-party services (outsourcing) to help you sort out.


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