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There Is Always A Help From God

The Word of God says that the help comes from Him who created the heavens and the earth, which means that only in Him comes to our help. Jesus is a powerful God, and Almighty, where all the world is in His power and only in Him, is always our help. So when experiencing problems and challenges, never give up or become worried, stay firm because Jesus is our life’s guarantee. Even when we do not understand, but rest assured and believe that He will surely open the way for us. There are many ways God helps out of our minds, then It is faith that when Jesus first helped then the same time because the power of God never changed. God will also give us strength in facing every problem and there is no problem beyond our ability. Therefore when facing any trouble do not be anxious, stay strong with God. For only a strong man will get God’s help. In Him, there is a way out, hope and certainty. Our part is praying, trying and remaining confident of the power of God. Join us with crc manchester.

In God there is always a miracle because He is able to do great things, everything impossible for human beings God can do for us who believe in Him. Until today must God is still there, so do not ever worry or fear, because with God there is always hope and victory. In addition, He always gives me the assurance to help, God’s help is not just a promise, but it is a certainty for us, to remain firm in every promise that will be fulfilled in this life. Although today we have not seen God’s help do not stop praying and hoping for God. Because he is never too late to help us. His help always comes right in His time. Stay tuned for the help of God, for those who wait for God will gain new strength. Then live this life never back down, stay ahead, face every problem with God, He will surely give victory. Amin.


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