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An Old Mattress Triggers These Health Problems

An Old Mattress Triggers These Health Problems

Unwittingly, the bedroom is one of the determinants of the quality of your sleep. Likewise with the mattress that you use to rest for this. Like the results of a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in the United States in 2011, about 92 percent of people said that a comfortable and soft mattress was important to sleep better. Then what if you have been sleeping on a mattress that has been years old, even up to 15 or 20 years?

It’s not just achy rheumatic pain or normal neck pain that can strike when you sleep on a mattress that is quite old. That is why you need to change your mattress with the best king size mattress.

Here are some health effects that can lurk you:

1. Dust, mites, mold accumulate on the mattress

Have you ever noticed any stains on the mattress? This stain is usually not a liquid spill, but a collection of dirt, dust, and mold that has been lodged in the mattress for a long time. In fact, your sweat can also trigger the appearance of fungus that is bad for your respiratory tract and your health. In more severe cases, these often overlooked blemishes can make a person allergic to difficulty sleeping soundly.

2. Affects memory

One of the many benefits of sleep is to improve memory. That is why if you feel uncomfortable sleeping on a mattress that is too old, indirectly your memory might also be interrupted making it difficult to work optimally. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase is the stage of sleep in which dreams have begun with faster breathing, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure until brain activity increases. In this phase dreams usually, begin while helping the brain to store information in long-term memory.


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