Awaken the Greatest Energy with Kundalini Meditation

If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, meditation can be a solution. One of them is doing kundalini meditation. Unlike vipassana, zen, metta, and various other types of meditation, kundalini seeks to generate the greatest energy from within which is believed to originate from the spine. Know more about it on Binaural Beats.


The power resulting from kundalini meditation releases as many as seven chakras in the body and the Sahasrara chakra aka the highest energy that is above the head. By awakening this energy, it is able to cleanse the body system from all disturbances to the mental, spiritual, and physical.

Basically, everyone has great kundalini energy. In order to generate, receive, and use it, high concentration is required for the readiness of the body, mind, and emotions. Without proper control, it is not only difficult to obtain, but kundalini energy is also dangerous if it is not received properly.

Actually, Kundalini meditation is a part of a yoga activity. With breathing techniques such as in yoga, kundalini energy is channeled to balance the body’s systems, including nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive. With a smooth flow of energy, the body’s systems work efficiently so that the mind becomes peaceful.

Kundalini, in contrast to meditation which tends to explore the mental and spiritual aspects, yoga prioritizes movement, body posture, and breathing control. Underscoring the importance of concentration and spiritual deepening in either yoga or meditation, kundalini is classified as both a meditation and a yoga activity. In addition, as in yoga, kundalini meditation requires physical readiness and control of breathing to release energy.

The thing that most distinguishes kundalini as yoga and meditation is the element of silence. In contrast to yoga which emphasizes physical activity, kundalini meditation seeks to achieve absolute stillness as the greatest power, beyond noise and movement. Like other types of meditation, kundalini requires great concentration. Although it looks trivial, in fact, it is not an easy thing to do for beginners. Not surprisingly, special classes are often opened to increase spinal flexibility as the kundalini key. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try kundalini meditation yourself at home.

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