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Do You Believe That Certain Tattoos Symbol May Bring You Luck?

Do You Believe That Certain Tattoos Symbol May Bring You Luck?

The tattoo is known as an art that is used as a hobby for some people. Sometimes, people choose personal symbols and reflect their personality to be painted on the body. After growing a lot of tattoos, many people began to dare to show it on social media. Some people start doing a review of tattoos, to make it easier for others in finding reference tattoos. One of them is reviewed by TattoosWin.

For those of you who are looking for a tattoo review, maybe you will find an article about the meaning of the tattoo form. However, did you know that certain symbols that are tattooed on the body through a tattoo are believed to bring good luck? Here are some tattoo symbols that are believed to symbolize good luck:

– Dice
The dice may be identical to gambling and game probabilities. However, the dice also reflects luck in the face of uncertain and risky futures. A dice symbol with a figure of seven is believed to represent an abundance of luck. Likewise with the image of two dice ‘eye snake’ or two dice each of which shows the number one.

– Horseshoe
Horseshoe has long been regarded as a lucky charm. The ancient Romans believed that a horseshoe-shaped ‘U’ could ward off evil. The horseshoe form itself is likened to a crescent moon that signifies fertility. Painting a horseshoe tattoo painting is considered to ward off bad luck and invite good luck.

– Swallow
Kite bird tattoos are commonly found on the hands, chest, or neck of the sailors. The picture of a swallow is thought to bring good luck because there is a legend that says if any sailor dies drowns, the swallows will bring their souls to heaven. The swallow represents freedom and hope. Not only that, the image of this animal also shows love, affection, and loyalty to family and friends.

– Cat with hello
Cats are known as mysterious animals that have nine lives. With the power of the halo symbol, the yellow circle shining, above his head, the image of this cat is considered to bring good luck.


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