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Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit for Skin Beauty

Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit for Skin Beauty

Maybe you have often heard the various benefits of fruits for skin beauty and health. For example blueberries as antioxidants or cucumbers and tomatoes to reduce reddened skin due to sunburn. However, have you ever heard of goji berries?

Small fruits derived from China it also has many benefits for skin beauty. Goji berries have good benefits for the skin, namely as an antioxidant, against free radicals, and can make skin color brighter. You can get all those benefits by using hendels garden goji cream. No wonder to take care of the beauty of women in China mixing goji berries into their tea.

1. Good antioxidants

Goji berries are the best antioxidant for the skin. Because it contains vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, carotene and polysaccharides that can help strengthen skin collagen. According to experts, if you are diligent in taking goji berries can prevent the skin from inflammation.

2. Fight free radicals

Goji berries can protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Not only that, this one fruit has also been proven to inhibit melanin production. You can eat this fruit as much as 10-30 grams per day.

3. As a natural mixture of beauty products

Many beauty products that often mix goji berries into the formula. Like moisturizing products and body lotions that can maintain skin elasticity, brighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. Or you can even make your own mask made from goji berry. The trick is to soak it in hot water until it’s soft. Then, after cold apply to the face.

Although the benefits of goji berries have not been proven, these fruits can still be part of a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables every day. Basically, all berries contain high nutrients. Fruits that are rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron are said to be able to meet at least 10 percent of daily protein requirements. Eating two or more servings of goji berries is also claimed to be able to meet the body’s antioxidant and vitamin needs.


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