Best Car Simulator Game on PC

Learning to drive today can be done in a fun way. The reason is, there are already quite a lot of learning driving games that can be played on a PC or smartphone. Through these games, the learning experience is even more exciting. Compared to Android, playing PC manual car driving simulator games is much more realistic. It even allows the player to use the PC steering wheel so that the learning process is much more optimal. Here are some of the best car simulator game titles that you can try to play on PC:

1. Assetto Corsa
If you are serious about learning how to drive through a game, Assetto Corsa is the answer. Here, players will get a real driving experience. Assetto Corsa is also the best game to start learning before hitting the streets. The features are complete enough to allow you to master the steering wheel while driving in the real world.

2. iRacing
Before adding this game to the list, know in advance that this game is not a casual type. This means that you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to access the game. Even so, the money you spend every 1 rupiah will be very valuable. Why is that? Because of this car driving simulation game, so accurate and realistic. Accurate is meant here, both in terms of behavior and aesthetics. iRacing provides complete game features. Apart from regular driving, there is also a tournament feature. In addition, the tracks that it provides are also quite complete.

3. Forza Horizon 2
Want to be free to access various places with a charming luxury car? Add Forza Horizon to the list. This game carries the concept of an open world where players are free to access various regions. However, we emphasize here, that Forza Horizon is not the most realistic simulation game. However, the environment and vehicle graphics are simply outstanding. There are many variations of cars that you can try, or you can find on the streets.

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