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Bouncers Can Spot Your Fake ID Using Some Different Ways

Bouncers Can Spot Your Fake ID Using Some Different Ways

Many people think about having a fake id for sale. They choose it because they want to get into a club. If you wonder how it helps you enjoy nightlife in party club, there are many things you should know. For your information, there are many ways to spot a fake ID. You must be careful because some clubs may recognize your fake ID. You may face various problems and risks if bouncers know your real identity. Below are some different ways bouncers spot fake IDs.

Know the state’s card features

Each state has a set of security feature for the driver’s license and ID cards. The features may include holograms, printed images, and watermarks. Using a fake ID is not always a good choice. If you want to continue using it, you must understand a few important things so bouncer will never recognize you.

A UV light is bouncer’s friend

what does it mean? Many ID cards have security features. Those features are visible under ultraviolet light. You can see three starts and state seal on the card’ front on each driver license.


Being familiar with ID cards is vital. Sadly, many fake IDs are made in a hurry. If you don’t want to face any problem when you use a fake ID, you may not rush your choice. You consider a provider that doesn’t make mistakes like misspellings. Such this knowledge helps you prevent spelling errors so no one is sure you are using a fake ID.

Can bouncer recognize your ID? This possibility can happen and you can’t give any reason anymore if bouncer spots your fake ID. Fortunately, many fake ID companies use updated technology and feature when they make fake it for each client. Your chance is finding out that kind of company although you must spend much more money to get a fake ID.


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