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How to care of your precious MacBook

How to care of your precious MacBook

While many individuals are too busy searching for MacBooks repair plantation, you can try these tips out to keep your MacBook in good condition. However, it doesn’t mean you will skip any information about related service. Just like any device, Macbook will find its time to damage. The worst condition is where you can’t operate or use it anymore.

Caring for the MacBook to last long is not a difficult case anyway. Especially if only take care to look durable as usual. In addition to looking cool, take care of the MacBook will also make the selling price does not fall too big if one day you want to sell. Thus, you have invested by doing regular maintenance.

Next time we will discuss some to take care of the MacBook in order to stay durable even though it has been used for years.

– Case

Purchase the MacBook case as additional accessories are recommended. You do not want to buy an original case whose price can make your wallet dry. Quite a cheap case just as long as the case is quite safe and fit to use on the MacBook. The important thing, of course, can protect the MacBook from dirt and minor damage such as scratches, dent, and others.

– Clean Periodically

MacBook is prone to dirt, especially dust. You should always clean it regularly every day. Even when used only in the home though, the MacBook always looks dusty. You can buy accessories like dust protectors for your keyboard. Although the protector will also look dirty, at least no dust comes into the engine.

– Screen Protector

It’s also important to protect the screen from small scratches. Even small dust can also make scratches that can make your screen look ugly. Yes, the MacBook screen is good quality, but never hurt to try to install the screen protector to prevent something that is not desired.


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