Caring for Koi Fish Pond Water Conditions

Taking care of not only koi fish, but pond water treatment is also necessary. Do not let the pool water become cloudy or green, especially until the pond becomes a nest of disease-causing bacteria in koi fish. Because pond water is a means to support fish, the good and bad quality of the fish will be determined by the cleanliness of the pond. Proper pond water treatment will also affect the color quality of the koi fish, so it is necessary to always ensure the level of air clarity, pH, and cleanliness. The first thing you can do is sort the number of koi fish based on the size of the pond you have. Ponds that are too dense will result in ammonia content in the fish waste itself. Sorting the fish must be carried out periodically, considering that the area of ??the stagnant pond is no longer suitable for the koi that continues to grow in size.

The next thing is to provide an auxiliary medium to supply oxygen levels of pond water which are sufficient for the health of the koi. Such media are for example mini waterfalls, filters for good air circulation, and aerators. Choose a good air filter to make sure the chemicals in the water are filtered out completely. A good filtration system ensures that the water is always kept clean and healthy for koi fish. We recommend that you build a pool in the ground according to the design you like, you can make 70% of the pool area as a pool and the remaining 30% to create a pool filtration room system. A good pool depth of about 1-2 meters to create a stable pool water temperature during the day and night. The deep pond makes the koi grow faster and feel protected from disturbance. Do not create dead areas in your pool, a good airflow system, that is, air always flows from an air source (artificial waterfall) to all corners of the pool. This is to prevent the development of bacteria that cause various diseases.

Do not make a pool design with a 90-degree angle, this angle can create dead areas in the pool. Make a pool with a curve at an angle so that the air can flow perfectly. Do not let the air become cloudy, drain regularly the pool water. If you feel that the pond water has been contaminated with objects or substances that can endanger the health of the koi, carry out a thorough air change.

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