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Cereals Are Simple Foods But Have Very Big Benefits For The Body

Cereals Are Simple Foods But Have Very Big Benefits For The Body

Do you brunch more often than breakfast? If you do brunch more often, you might find cereal on a healthy brunch list or in a restaurant. Although cereals are eaten more often for breakfast, cereals are also consumed for brunch. People who choose brunch usually skip breakfast but want to eat something before lunchtime. So that cereal is present as a brunch food choice, especially for people who are on a diet.

The best cereal to be consumed by the body is wheat. Why? Because wheat contains vitamins and fiber that can help the body’s metabolism. Digestion becomes smoother so that vitamins can be absorbed properly. In addition to helping smooth the body’s metabolism, there are other benefits of wheat found in cereals:

– Reducing Chronic Inflammation
Wheat can help in the prevention of chronic inflammation, which is also found in other vegetables, for example, spinach. Inflammation is the main constituent in most types of rheumatic pain. Thus, eating whole grains in healthy and active amounts will reduce inflammation. Eating the right portion of betaine guarantees a lower risk of chronic inflammation and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and cognitive decline.

– Prevents gallstones
Wheat is rich in soluble fiber, which decreases bile acid secretion. Excessive bile acid is the main cause of gallstone formation. Besides wheat, soluble fiber can also be added from the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables such as the benefits of cucumbers, tomato apples, pears. and beans.

– Control obesity, especially in women
A study shows wheat is a good choice for obese patients. Women who consume wheat products for a long time show that weight loss is far better than other foods.

– Heart health
One source of healthy food for the heart is wheat, many of which are made from wheat to maintain nutrition and heart health. For example, oatmeal is used by people with heart disease.


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