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What Should You Do When Your Child Trapped in the Car?

Car keys have a small shape, which is why the car keys are very vulnerable once lost. Many people have experienced car key loss. To overcome this you should keep the spare keys separately.Not only that the usual problems experienced by many people, other problems that can arise is the car keys lag in the car itself. Not infrequently people forget to take the car keys that are still hanging on the starter machine and leave it with your children inside the car. It certainly impacts on your own. You can’t open the car door. If that happens, you will be upset and annoyed, right? You can’t blame others for the incident, because it is your own fault. You just need to call locksmith of cardiff.

For those of you who are experiencing the problem and who have never experienced the problem should anticipate it by knowing the ways that can be done to open a car with a door locked. Here are some ways to get into your child that trapped on your locked car!

1. Using hangers
Prepare the wire-based hangers and cut the wire hangers and straighten the wire, then make a little curve in the end of the wire, for the length of the hook itself should have a length of 3 cm to 5 cm. Then input the wire between the door divider with the window on the rubber layer. Insert the wire until it touches the hook lever used to open the door. After arriving at the hook, you need to move the hook to open the car door. You’ll see the key lever move, do it this way until the hooks can hook the car lock lever perfectly. And the last way you should do is, lift the car lock lever up to the car door open. Drag it strongly, because the car’s key lever is stronger than the wire.

2. Using rulers
First of all, prepare the ruler or rule and release the rubber on the car glass. To do this you do not need to panic, because the rubber on the glass of the car is very easy to remove and re-installed. This is so that the ruler can easily fit into the bottom of the car windshield. The next way you can do is to enter the ruler to the inside of the door. Feel the key panel point by looking at key panel movements. If there is movement of the mobile key panel, it means that the panel lever to open the door. The last ways you have to do is press the key panel and pull it with all the strength, until the car door open. If it still does not re-open the way above until it works.

3. Calling locksmiths of Cardiff
The simplest thing that you can do is to calling locksmith of Cardiff. We will be able for 24 hours with high-quality services and professional team member. No need to take a long time, just call us then in a few of minutes we will come to solve your problem directly.


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