Common Mistakes When Cooking With Air Fryers

An air Fryer is a cooking tool whose main function is to fry food without using oil. Now, this tool is increasingly popular throughout the world. Moreover, indeed, its function is not only to fry but also can heat, bake and burn various foods. Although this tool is quite practical and safe to use in cooking, there are still some common mistakes that occur during cooking with an air fryer click this link.

1. Fried foods are too piling up
Do not place all ingredients in the air fryer at once. Instead of wanting to heat or cook quickly, the frying process won’t be perfect and the results won’t be crispy. You must provide enough space for each ingredient. Placing too much food in a basket of air fryers can negatively impact the quality of the dish.

2. Make sure the ingredients are dry
Dry the cooking ingredients before placing them in the air fryer. The dry surface of the material can speed up the cooking process. Make sure the meat and some vegetables to be cooked are dry before cooking.

3. Rarely clean the air fryer
It’s important to clean the air fryer, especially if it’s used frequently. If it is not cleaned often, it is feared that the taste of the food beforehand can affect the taste of the next cooked food.

4. Forgot to heat the air fryer
Not heating the air fryer can make food undercooked. For optimal cooking, set the air frying pan to the right temperature before starting using the air fryer basket. This will make your food to be cooked evenly at the correct temperature.

5. You only use air fryer for frying
People often forget that the air fryer can also function as an oven, which can be used to bake. Air fryers can also be used to bake and heat food.

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