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Crimes On Credit Card Users

Crimes On Credit Card Users

We may often read the news about cybercrime more and more. In addition to trial and error, many people also use the weaknesses of others for personal gain. Crime on credit cards is very easy if we search the internet and the main cause is our lack of vigilance towards credit cards. For that, take card payments have payment tools and credit cards that make us feel safer and not worry if exposed to cybercrime. The following cybercrime by using a credit card:

Data Break-in
Credit card fraud with the motive for burglary data is the most common in the UK. The modes are very diverse so that customers believe that the bank needs customer data for banking purposes. There are scams by phone, email, program downloads, to offer loans in large quantities.

Usually, fraud by telephone by the fraudster pretended to be a bank officer issuing the victim’s credit card. Then with the reason to update customer data or offer a limit increase, he will ask for important data such as credit card numbers, PINs and other data. When you have asked for important information, you should immediately close your phone, because even official bank officers are prohibited from asking important data on credit cards such as PINs and CVV numbers.

Another scam is by email sending method. Fraudsters will send official emails complete with logos from the credit card issuing bank. Then, victims are asked to fill in forms or banking data for various purposes, such as lucky draws or loan offers. Therefore, you must be careful and cautious if you receive an e-mail from a bank that is not your credit card issuer. If you have to include important information that is very confidential you should just ignore it.

Skimming is the theft of customer credit card data without the credit card holder knowing. This theft was carried out by deterring a small electronic device to copy information on a legitimate credit card. The tool is called a skimmer and is usually attached to an ATM or EDC machine. The mini form makes it difficult for customers to detect it when swiping a credit card.

Through this tool, the fraudster managed to obtain customer data. Then, they use it for transactions and cause customer bills to swell. Even though the customer did not overdo the transaction as stated on the bill. Therefore, try not to swipe your credit card in a small shop and it is not in a shopping center area such as large malls. Also, avoid credit card cash withdrawals at ATMs.
By reading this article, hopefully, you can be more vigilant in using credit cards. This type of fraud can happen to anyone without exception. So, always be careful when wanting to do credit card transactions.


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