Digital Marketing is The Best Strategy

The presence of the Covid-19 pandemic has demanded that people make changes in habits, especially in consuming media and also in meeting their daily needs. Nowadays people are being forced to carry out their activities from home, making the time spent online increase, thats why you need digital marketing agency nyc. Not only for seeking information and entertainment, or for interacting with friends and colleagues, even for shopping or fulfilling daily needs, many people do it online. And below are some statistics that mention changes in people’s habits in the digital world during this pandemic. You can use this SEO company.

96% of global subscribers say they have consumed more digital media since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, with 60% watching more news and 52% watching more videos/movies/shows from streaming services.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the use of audio and video calls on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger has more than doubled during this pandemic.
Data from the New York Times states that Facebook use has increased by 27%, Netflix has increased by 16% and YouTube has increased by 15.3%.
Pew Research said, several activities carried out by citizens of the United States during this pandemic, among others; 76% of people use e-mail or messaging services to communicate, 70% are looking for information online about the coronavirus, and 40% share or post information about this pandemic through social media.
Clothing brands saw their online sales increase by 34% in April 2020.
In the category of electronic goods, online purchases have also increased by 58% during this pandemic.
Based on a report from McKinsey, customers are adapting to new habits and may even continue this habit even after the Covid-19 quarantine period has ended. As many as 14% of respondents stated that they would shop for their needs through sites they had never visited before.
The Global Web Index reveals that, when this pandemic is over, 38% of global customers say that, brands that help people during this pandemic will influence them to buy from related brands. In the United States, 39% of customers said they would prefer to buy from a local brand or an independent brand.

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