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Facts about How People View the Website!

Facts about How People View the Website!

Do you know what is the first thing that makes the eyes interested in a website? And how is the behavioral pattern of insiders exploring your website?

The red color indicates the area of focus of vision, the yellow area gets a little eye focus, the blue color indicates the area with the least attention, and the gray area does not get the focus of attention at all.

The more people shift the website pages down, the more they lose focus on your website. From here we can draw the conclusion that the information that is considered important for website visitors should be placed at the top of the page website. Well as we know above that little things like that you should pay attention before you decide to make website. Therefore to choose web hosting, you must choose the servidores dedicados  so that your website can run effectively. Apart from that, here are 15 facts you should know about how people view websites!

1. The text draws more attention than the picture.

2. People start looking at your website from the top left corner.

3. Most readers will ignore the banner.

4. Fancy type font (cool) will also be ignored website visitors.

5. Visitors will actually see the bottom of the website page, and skip the middle

6. Short paragraphs are more effective than long ones.

7. Ads placed at the top or left of the website, will get the most attention.

8. Ads placed inside or under an interesting content / article will also get a lot of attention.

9. Larger image sizes will attract more attention than small ones.

10. Headline of a content / article will also attract attention.

11. The visitors of the website are usually staring longer at menu on your website

12. List / numbered list attract more focus of attention than long paragraphs.

13. There are also several people who usually ignore the text.

14. The empty space is necessary.

15. The menu works best when placed at the top of your website.

So, whether your website is now able to attract the attention of visitors? Hopefully after knowing 15 things above, your website can be better and can attract the attention of visitors!


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