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Find out which types of Translate are usually the official translators

Find out which types of Translate are usually the official translators

When a company or even someone does not understand about a document and it turns out that the document is an important document, it will be very good if they use the services of a translator. However, make sure that the translator services used are official and certified translator services. One of the services that can be used is Architekst.

In official translator companies, they usually work on several types of translate. Some types of translate they usually do are

1. Administrative translation
Text translation is administrative. Although the administration has a very broad meaning, in the sense of translation, administration refers to the general text used in business and organizations used in daily management. Administrative can also be expanded to include text with similar functions in government.

2. Commercial translation
Commercial translation or professional business translation includes all kinds of documents used in the business world, such as correspondence, company reports, tender documents, reports, etc. Commercial translation requires expert translators with knowledge of the terminology used in the business world.

3. Computer translation
Do not equate with CAT, computer-assisted translation, which refers to translations carried out with the help of software. Computer translation is the translation of everything related to computers, such as software, manuals, help files, applications, etc.

4. Economic Translation
This type of translation is usually often done on documents related to the economy. The text is usually more academic.

5. Financial translations
Financial translation is a financial translation of the text. Everything from banking, asset management, to stocks and bonds can be covered by our financial translation services.

All types of translations are usually done frequently by official translators. So, when you have chosen an official translator and they often translate some of these things, then that means you have found the right translator services and suits your needs.


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