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Frankincense Essential Oil You Can Use For Things Here

Frankincense Essential Oil You Can Use For Things Here

There are still many people who do not know the benefits of frankincense essential oil made from Boswellia carteri resin. This tree is different from the others so it can grow with a little ground in dry conditions and in desolate conditions. More about frankincense essential oil you can find in Organic Daily Post. There are many facts you can find about frankincense essential oil there.
Frankincense essential oil has several benefits for your body, like


1. Inhibits Natural Growth of Bacteria
This oil can inhibit the growth of bacteria naturally, which can help remove bacteria that can interfere with health. In addition, this oil can also be used as a natural air freshener.

2. Helps Relieve Digestive Disorders
This oil is able to relieve various digestive disorders because frankincense essential oil is able to quickly digest food similar to digestive enzymes. You can add this oil to water or honey to help overcome digestive problems.

3. As a Cleaning Product
This oil has properties that can inhibit bacterial growth, frankincense essential oil is a great addition to hygienic products for oral hygiene care. You can find oral and dental care products that contain this essential oil. The content of frankincense essential oils present in the product can help prevent dental health problems, such as inhibiting tooth decay, bad breath, cavities or mouth infections.

4. Flu Drugs
You may often feel uncomfortable in the throat due to flu or other respiratory diseases. Frankincense essential oil can help you to reduce phlegm in the lungs. It can also help you to reduce inflammation in the nose, and make breathing easier.

Various benefits can you get from frankincense essential oil, use in the right amount and not too much or too little. With the right amount, then all the health problems you have may be cured or alleviated by frankincense essential oil.


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