Giving a Smartphone to Your Kids

Jun 29, 17 Giving a Smartphone to Your Kids

The entertainment today has absorbed so much time from our kids. The things that will catch their attention are a lot different today than the ones that we have back in the 80s and 90s. At that time, kids are playing around outside with their friends, and spending their time too much inside of their house can be a form of torture for them back in the days. Unfortunately, the children these days are preferring to spend their time too much with their smartphone that they even forget that the real life out there is exciting and important as well. This new technology is actually helpful, but the parents just need to remind their kids that playing their smartphone and gadget too much is bad for them.

Some parents are being too soft with their kids, and they just spoil their kids with whatever smartphone and game consoles that they want. The video game itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s just one of many forms of entertainment that everybody can enjoy today. However, when it’s become very portable and it can be used in almost anywhere at any time, the risk of losing our kid’s social life will be quite high.

On the other hand, there are some other things that will be more dangerous than just playing video games on smartphone excessively. Things such as social media stalkers, cyber crime and pedophile, and also pornography can be the serious threats to our children. We have no idea how many kids that have been kidnapped and sold to another continent as merchandise or slave just because they’ve been playing too much with their social media recklessly. Kids these days are always telling people about all activities and their locations that they’re doing with their friends on their social media account. it allows kidnappers and pedophile to locate them easily. On the other hand, pornography will definitely dangerous for our kid’s minds. So being a smart parent which is limiting our kid’s access to the smartphone is necessary. Forbidding it entirely is not a good idea, due to it will only tease our kid’s curiosity. Instead, giving them a reward for obeying you and a punishment for not listening can be a good idea.

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