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Here Are Some Checks That Must Be Done On The Roof

Here Are Some Checks That Must Be Done On The Roof

The roof of the house is one part of the house that must be treated. In fact, you have to check your roof regularly. Leaks or other problems often occur on the roof if you don’t take care of it. If this happens to you, then you must use the services of colorbond roof replacements. You have to replace the roof of your house so that your roof doesn’t leak.

A roof leak can occur because you don’t check your roof regularly. Roof checks must be carried out regularly so you don’t experience a leaky roof.

Periodic Check
To prevent leakage, of course, you have to know the real condition of the roof of your house. To find out whether your roof needs repairs or not, check the roof regularly. This examination should be done at least once every 2-3 months.

Check the ceiling
In addition to checking the roof area, the ceiling conditions at home also need attention. Cement plaster on the ceiling is very susceptible to leakage. So, if there is damage to the ceiling, it must be repaired immediately. If the ceiling is left damp and occurs continuously, when the rainy season will occur more fatal damage, such as collapsing on the ceiling which certainly requires greater costs to repair it, right? To reduce heat absorption and reduce damage due to rainwater, use 1-2 mm aluminum foil as a coating tool between the ceiling and tile.

Pay attention to the tile
Note also the slope angle of the tile to maintain the ability of the tile to block rainwater. Ceramic tile requires a slope of about 30 degrees, while asbestos needs around 15 degrees. If this is not considered properly, rainwater and wind can enter through the tile slit. Installation of bolts or nails on asbestos roofs and tiles must also be considered. This asbestos installation cannot be done using ordinary nails. In this asbestos installation use rubber-coated bolts, therefore asbestos must be drilled first.


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