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Here are some reasons why your email or account is easy to hack

Here are some reasons why your email or account is easy to hack

You must have many accounts on the internet. There are many things that you can do with these various accounts. however, make sure that the account security is maintained and you have a fairly high-security system. This will keep your account well maintained and you will be safe when using it. In addition, the account also has personal information that you must protect resources.

Below are some of the reasons an account is easily hacked by hackers. Usually, these reasons are not realized by the owner of the account and make their accounts very easy for hackers to enter. Some of the reasons referred to are

1. Use one password for many accounts
Maybe you think that one password will be easy to remember and you can use it on many accounts. In fact, one password is dangerous and can make your account open by other people. If they can open one account you use one password, then they can also open your other account. This is a big danger for you because there is a lot of important data in it.

2. Not paying attention to the URL address
Make sure the URL address you have is HTTP: // not just HTTP. This URL will affect whether or not the password you entered is safe. So, try to use the HTTP: // URL address when logging in on multiple sites.

3. Email is considered something trivial so that security is not noticed
because it is very easy to create e-mail, until the e-mail password forgets because almost never open the e-mail created Email password just forgot, especially the “Secret Question”, when in the case of Facebook, Twitter was hacked, it would be very difficult to recover it.

Whatever account you have, all you have to realize is that the account must be equipped with maximum security so that no important information or data is lost.


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