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History and Origins of Chiropractic

History and Origins of Chiropractic

Chiropractic often gets stigmatized as a treatment method that is considered merely as a pseudoscience. However, increasing popularity shows that chiropractic is able to benefit many people with complaints of different diseases drroynissim. The following will be reviewed about the origin and history of chiropractic medicine so that it can provide a more complete picture of this therapy. Apart from that, go to the chiropractor santa monica if you need a reliable chiropractor to help your health condition.

Daniel David Palmer was the first person to open a chiropractic practice in 1895 in the state of Iowa, USA. Initially, he opened the practice of magnetic healing in 1886.

The first chiropractic therapy was carried out on Harvey Lillard, who when visiting Palmer said that while working in his office several years earlier, Lillard felt his spine crunch and after that, his ears became almost deaf.

After being examined, Palmer found a lump on Lillard’s back which indicated an error in the spine and concluded this might be the cause of deafness.

After repairing the spine, Lillard stated he could hear the wheel of the horse cart from inside Palmer’s office.

However, this story might be excessive because Lillard’s daughter said that the correction was an accident when Palmer hit Lillard’s back with a book.

But whatever the story actually is, Palmer continues to help people by correcting errors in the spine after successfully handling Lillard.

After a while, with the help of a patient and a friend named Rev. Samuel Gulma, Palmer named this therapy as chiropractic taken from the Greek “cheiros praktos” which means “done by hand”.

Palmer described chiropractic as being very similar to osteopathy. He described the human body as a machine that can be manipulated to produce natural medicine to cure disease.

In addition to Palmer, a doctor named Solon Langworthy has a major contribution to the development of chiropractic.

Langworthy tried to add a scientific foundation for the chiropractic by opening a chiropractic school in 1903.

Langworthy combines chiropractic with natural healing, which develops into healing naturopathy and osteopathy.

Langworthy tried to explain scientifically the relationship between the position of the spine that is not right and nerve disorders with various health complaints such as back pain and others.


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