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know how to store makeup with practicality

know how to store makeup with practicality

Some women obviously need makeup to support their appearance, but they are often confused about where to store the makeup. One way to make their makeup not scattered everywhere is to use a makeup table. This is so that all their make up equipment is not lost. You can visit homefurnitureadviser.com to get a makeup table that suits your needs.

In addition, there are several other ways your makeup settings can be more practical and look beautiful even though they are stored indoors. Some of the ways in question are

1. Store in a beautiful box
Ever feel like buying makeup just because of its unique packaging or shape? Even though it is rarely used, don’t keep it in a drawer. Take out the beautiful makeup collection and make a display in the room. This will give a little space in the storage drawer, and give your room a new face.

2. Make a palette custom
Have lots of single shadows, blush, and contours? Or maybe, often mix and matching eyeshadow from several palettes? Place all the colors that are often used as well as favorites in an empty palette, such as the magnetic palette.
Remove the pan eyeshadow (also blush or contour) from the previous palette, then insert it into the empty palette along with the other pan you want. So, Saliha’s best friend will have a palette that contains all the colors or favorite products!

3. Use stacked glasses
You must have a used glass or aromatherapy wax container whose color has begun to blur. Instead of throwing it in the trash, use the glass to become a cosmetic container.
The method is quite easy, just stick the glasses with a pattern to punch. Use gun glue or special glass adhesive so that they don’t separate easily.
Besides being able to be placed in a sleeping position, you can also make it stand up. Insert lip care equipment and a collection of lipstick in it so that you no longer have trouble when looking for the desired color.


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