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Know The Weaknesses Of Coworking Space, So Your Business Is Safe

Know The Weaknesses Of Coworking Space, So Your Business Is Safe

When you want to start a new business, of course, many things are taken into account. One of the offices where the business will be based. For beginners in the digital field such as start-ups, the opportunity to be better known and connected with many parties will certainly be a consideration easycowork.com/blog/. Gathering with similar communities not only helps make businesses more aware of the market, but also opens up opportunities to find potential clients and investors to fund the business that is being run. Strategic locations also influence the fulfilment of these opportunities and coworking space can be a place of choice.

However, like two blades that have two different sides, coworking space also not only offers comfort and convenience, several weaknesses are also worth considering before choosing this shared workspace. The following is a brief review.

1. Rental Prices Are Not As Cheap As Compared To Office At Home

The reason is, some coworking spaces provide quite high rates, even per hour. Meanwhile, if you choose a cafe or coffee shop as a place to control the business being run, of course with the same nominal can be used for one full day. Nevertheless, the price that is priced at each coworking space is equivalent to the facilities and benefits obtained. Not only comfort while working, unlimited internet access, versatile workspace, but also connections from various groups who join in coworking space.

However, as the development of the digital industrial revolution demands more relations, larger clients to support business development, in the future, Cahyo hopes to have a formal office such as coworking space. To provide a comfortable place to meet with large clients and get more fresh ideas from new business partners.

2. Less suitable for businesses that require a lot of privacy

For those of you who like quietness at work, you may be disturbed if you are in coworking space. Although several private spaces are rented separately. But the rent is certainly more expensive and will not be suitable for beginners who want to start a business.

Coworking space is also not right for you who are struggling in the field of consulting services, because this type of business requires a lot of time to interact with clients intensely. This includes types of businesses that require a high level of confidentiality.

That is why coworking space is more suitable for start-ups that do not require to interact with clients intensely or related to the confidentiality of certain data. Such as start-ups in the field of e-commerce and news portals.

3. Community Concepts Are Less Supportive of Work Styles that Require High Concentration

For those of you with jobs that require high concentration, with a great degree of pressure, coworking space is not the right choice. Because, in addition to many people, the commotion of the whispers of other colleagues ‘fellow tenants’ activities will be heard, so that it can break the concentration. Especially when you are a typical person who is easily distracted by the slightest noise.

Those are the 3 weaknesses of coworking space. Consider and adjust your character before deciding to rent.


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