Knowing The Changes From Business Transactions During The Pandemic

The impact of the pandemic, which has brought about many changes to daily activities, has made many people have to rethink to be at peace with these conditions. Because as we know and we feel that since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, all activities outside the home which are usually free to do anything, now have to have limits and even we are required to do more activities at home and reduce our activities outside the home. With conditions like today, this makes an increase for people interested in making transactions online. Even if viewed from official data, from 2020 until now there has been a fairly high increase in online transaction activity. Especially in terms of e-commerce transactions. Therefore, for businesses that have not yet utilized internet technology, you can start now, of course, by following some tips from Kibo Eclipse.

With the large increase in e-commerce transactions, of course in terms of the use of digital payments, this is also one of the things that make the increase in online transactions. The use of electronic money to conduct e-commerce transactions has achieved a fairly high increase. And the spike or increase will continue to increase and can take place continuously in line with the habits of people who are happy to make transactions online.

The existence of this, of course, should be one of the attractions for small or medium-sized businesses to try to develop their business by utilizing internet technology or presenting their business digitally. Currently, there are indeed many types of small and medium-sized businesses that present their stores with a digital system, but there are still some business people who have not shifted their business to a digital system. Most of the reasons for business people who have not directed their business digitally is usually because they do not know how

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