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Maintaining Account Security with Some of These Ways

Maintaining Account Security with Some of These Ways

With the internet, you can certainly work easily and the various activities that you have can work well. Today’s internet is relied on by many people to be able to do the things they need. However, if you have many accounts on the internet, whether for work or for others, it’s good to always maintain the security of the account. One way is to use 2 factor authentication.

Account security must always be maintained because there is a lot of personal information in your account. Various personal information is clearly not spread to many people. In maintaining an account, there are several ways you must do it.

– Use two-stage authentication
To keep your internet account still next is to use two-stage authentication. At first glance, it seems troublesome when you log in to an account on the internet. But did you know that by using two-stage authentication it will make it harder for hackers to break your internet account? With two-stage authentication, we have created a layered account login. Now websites such as online shop, social media, banking, and Google even though it has provided this two-stage authentication feature. For users like us to just activate the feature. Better to bother a little than your important assets will fall to hackers.

– Use a password manager to create strong passwords
As mentioned in point 4 above, please use the password manager application when you want to create a password. But if you don’t want to bother using a password manager, it’s actually very easy to create a unique and complicated password without a password manager. The point is the password you create must be a mixture of several letters, numbers, and special characters like! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + =? / {} [].

– Always open a safe website
By opening a website that is doubtful insecurity, the computer, smartphone, or internet account will be threatened by viruses, malware, adware, spam, scams, even pishing. When surfing the internet you should always avoid websites that are doubtful insecurity.


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