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Mistakes in choosing the paint colors for your house

Mistakes in choosing the paint colors for your house

Changing paint colors is an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your home interior. However, it turns out that this one business is not as easy as you imagine. Do not let you regret because of the wrong choice of paint color – which makes your home look less attractive. Apart from that, you may hire the Painters Brisbane if you’re too busy to paint your house by yourself.

There are five common mistakes that often occur when choosing paint. It’s a good idea to pay attention to this so that the appearance of your home is more attractive:

Ignore Lighting

Want to look “safe” by choosing bright colors, or trying to “dare” with strong colors is not always wrong. But to play this color choice, you need to pay attention to the lighting at home.

If the interior of your house has less lighting, the colors that are too brave will actually make the room gloomy and the eyes get tired.

But also keep in mind, for a room that lacks lighting, especially small size, white is not the right choice. It’s Because in a room like this the white will actually look dull.

Ignore floors and ceilings

Often the color or pattern of the floor is neglected when choosing the color of the wall paint. In fact, the floor has a strong influence on the overall beauty of space.

If your floor is a wooden floor, for example, you can choose a color that is completely different from wood colors. It could be contrasted, but still in harmony.

In addition to floors, ceilings (ceilings) are also often missed. Though the ceiling is like a “fifth wall” for a rectangular room.

To optimize the ceiling of your house, it is better to avoid giving white and white. Beige colors are even better so that the palate can help maintain your mood.

Too Color Matching

People often think that matching and matching means the same. If you think similarly and choose paint colors that are too similar to the colors of furniture, doors, or windows, then you repeat the mistakes of most people.

This kind of choice will blur your furniture design and make the room bland. Instead, choose a lighter or darker paint color so that your furniture can show its charm.


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