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Modern decking concepts for a minimalist house

Modern decking concepts for a minimalist house

To take advantage of land that is still not functioning, one of the best ideas that can be done by a minimalist homeowner is to build decking. Decking is almost the same as the terrace of the house but it is usually built from parquet floors or wooden floors with varying functions. There are made in the back garden for the playroom, as a dry garden, as a gazebo and much more. On the other hand, perhaps checking out the hardwood deck prices can help you to save up your budget for your next decking project.

If you have unused land and want to use it as decking, you can create it right now. Here’s how the idea of ??creating a modern decking concept for a minimalist home.

Decking a dry garden

Decking itself is actually built as a backdrop for the dining room with an open plan concept. You can use glass panels and glass doors as a link between the dining room with the deck of your minimalist home. Thus, you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of ornamental plants when dining with your family at home.

Decking the pool at the back of the house

Another decking idea is to use decking for the back pool of the house. You can wake up decking on the edge of the pool and also decking can be built as a bridge between the parts of the pool. In this way, the backyard pool layout can look more neat and beautiful. The rest you can use as a garden to further refresh the appearance of the back of your minimalist home.

Decking a gazebo

You can build separate decking from home with the concept of a gazebo. Certain areas in your home can be used as an open space with a view directly into the garden behind your house. You can also try to use the gazebo as a place to entertain colleagues or relax with family.


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