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Muslim Women Can Try These 3 Tips To Choose Muslim Clothing

Muslim Women Can Try These 3 Tips To Choose Muslim Clothing

The latest Muslim fashion trends are emerging, starting from the outer, wearpack, and so on. I myself am not among those who always follow trends all the time, because trends always change quickly. I only follow the trend if it suits my style and needs. Following the trends or not, there are some standards and tips that I always follow when choosing the latest Muslim fashion, such as the latest hijabs, veils, and beautiful abayas.

Here are the 3 tips that you must know:

1. Choose The Ones that are Not Too Tight

Muslim fashion, actually made with the aim to protect the body and cover genitals. For this reason, when choosing the latest Muslim clothing, make sure the clothing is not too showing off body shape, especially those that are too tight to look crowded. Besides not in accordance with Islamic teachings, clothing that is too tight can make it uncomfortable to move.

The robe model, the loose blouse like this photo, or the tunic can be chosen. Even though it’s not tight, it can still look fashionable right?

2. Don’t Choose the Transparent Ones

Nowadays many Muslim clothes are made with thin and dreamy material. As a Muslim, wearing dreamy clothing is certainly not recommended, although only limited to the arms only. If you are really interested in a dreamy model, because the model is good for example, don’t forget to wear a shirt cuff in it.

3. Choose a Simple Model or Motive

Less is more. That said Ludwig Mies Van De Rohe, one of the famous designers from Germany. According to him, the simplest one is more interesting compared to the clothes that are too crowded. I agree. Moreover, Muslim clothing with a simple form that looks elegant and can be used at all events.

Likewise, for motives, you should choose a simple motif and not too crowded. Especially if the size of the body is rather large like me, it’s better to wear plain or the motive is not too crowded. A lively motif can make the body look bigger.


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