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What You Need to be A Professional Magician

What You Need to be A Professional Magician

Who does not know magic? Magic became one of the many event entertainment ideas used by various parties. Even at children’s birthday parties, magicians are often invited to captivate children’s attention. For dinner party, usually using a simple magic that can invite interaction of all members. While at a children’s party, magic is usually done along with a comedy attraction, so the kids do not get bored during the party.

Magic is unique, it needs expertise and limbs so that one can learn the science of magic ranging from simple tricks like playing cards to the most extreme like tricks disappear / body cut.

Becoming a magician can be a profitable profession. Because in addition to entertaining, magicians can benefit greatly by appearing on several shows on TV. Another advantage is to attract the interests of women or give the impression of a lover by showing a magic trick that we show him. Here are tips that can be considered for you who want to be or at least want to learn magic itself.

– Watch as many as the magicians perform their tricks to get lots of references. After enough watching and learning magic tricks, try to practice it yourself.

– If you have more money or have a great magician friend, do not hesitate to ask for their help. Make your own original magic tricks, so you will be recognized as a magician who has a character or characteristic of his own. Learn a unique style when you perform on stage, do not follow the famous magician style.

– Before performing, multiply the exercise to make it look ready and impeccably on the stage. Make a pattern that shows your character in every show.

– Choose a costume that will show your typical self-image as a unique magician. Increase your hand flexibility to easily learn new magic tricks.

– Practice your rhetoric and sense of humor, to make your magic show more interesting.


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