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Newbie Car Owners Should Know The Right Car Maintenance

Newbie Car Owners Should Know The Right Car Maintenance

If you just had a car, you may get confused. You don’t know the right way in caring and maintaining a car. If this sounds to be true, you may need auto detailing orlando. You should spend the amounts of money but you maintain your car well.

Regular car maintenance can minimize damage, extend the life of the car, prevent greater damage and save on car maintenance. For example, the use of wind pressure on the right car tires can make the tire’s lifespan last longer, the legs of the car last longer, handling/steering systems are more durable, acceleration is better and the grip of the tire is better.

In general, oil can last up to 5 thousand to 10 thousand kilometers depending on the route traveled, if the oil is too long not replaced, the dirt dissolved in the oil is more and more and not ideal in lubricating the engine, besides the amount of oil must also be checked so that the engine does not lack oil. Oil indications must be replaced are

1. Kilometer shows between 5 thousand to 10 thousand
2. We can check by pulling the oil stick, make sure the oil volume as recommended at the recommended level stick
3. You drop oil on the finger. Furthermore, you check whether the oil still clean or there have been fine metal flakes.

You also have to take care of car paint. You should avoid parking the car in a hot place (direct sunlight) because the more often the car is exposed to sunlight. Caring for a car cabin is also important. You should always clean the cabin of the car from dirt, usually. A lot of dirt is found on the floor of the car (used food), parts of the car seat (sweat marks), and dust attached to the interior of the car. If the car smells bad, don’t use perfume to get rid of the smell, it’s better to clean the source of the smell then use natural perfume.


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