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Pay Attention To Some Of These Before Buying A Cooling Pad For Laptops

Pay Attention To Some Of These Before Buying A Cooling Pad For Laptops

Laptops are indeed one of the electronic devices that are always needed by many people. in fact, there are many people who not only use it as a work tool but also use it as a tool to play games. This game playing activity must be watched out because it can make the laptop hot and eventually get damaged. For that, make sure you use the cooling pad on the laptop. To get a cooling pad or commonly known as fans for laptops, please read this blog.

However, for those of you who plan to buy a cooling pad or fan for a laptop, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to. Some of the things meant here are

1. Pay attention to the vents on the laptop
First, consider the location of the hot exhaust (ventilation) on your laptop, whether under or on the side. If it’s located on the side, you can buy a cooling pad for additional cooling. But, if the ventilation is below, the cooling pad is not the right choice because it will make air circulation not smooth (collision). You can use a vacuum cooler if your laptop has ventilation below.

2. Size of laptop
Don’t forget to also make sure the size is really right so that its use is not in vain. If it’s a little bigger it’s not too much of a problem, obviously, the size of the cooling pad should not be smaller than the laptop.

3. Number of Fans
If you only use a laptop for daily needs (light), there is no need to buy a cooling pad with a large number of fans, just one or two. However, different stories if your laptop is indeed used for heavy needs. The number of fans is very influential to produce greater air power.

Then, for those of you who decide to use the cooling pad, if possible, don’t plug it directly into the laptop. It’s better to plug the cooling pad into the direct socket. This aims to reduce laptop load. But, if there is no socket, it doesn’t matter.


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