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People Need To Know These Common Mistakes In Using Knives

People Need To Know These Common Mistakes In Using Knives

The kitchen is one room that is very identical to various cooking utensils. One of the cooking utensils is a knife. Okay, the knife is the main thing that must and must be in the kitchen. However, there are some mistakes made by someone with a knife but they never realize it. What do you think is the mistake in using the knife? Apart from that, if you’re also looking for high-quality steel knives, you may want to read the Kamikoto review.

Here is information about these mistakes:

Ignoring the Sharpness of the Knife

When you have used a kitchen knife, not a few people will forget the sharpness of a kitchen knife. Yet we know, if a knife is used continuously every day and is not properly maintained, the level of sharpness that he has will continue to decrease every day. James Briscione, a writer and Director of Culinary Development at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, said that the biggest mistake a person makes when using a kitchen knife is that he never pays attention to the sharpness of a knife. When the knife used is not sharp enough, even the food that is made may not be interesting anymore.

Cutting food the wrong way

For some people, cutting ingredients or food can be done according to taste. However, you can’t make a mistake, cutting the wrong way will make the knife no longer sharp. In addition, cutting the wrong way will also make the food cut is no longer attractive for consumption. For that, be sure to always cut a variety of foods in the right way.

Not Holding the Handle of the Knife Correctly

The next mistake that is often made by many people who use kitchen knives is not holding the handle of the knife properly. Because of this error, not a few people experience injuries to their fingers due to the knife sliced. Not only that, the food that was cut was not neat and unattractive.


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