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Preventing your children from being kidnapped

Preventing your children from being kidnapped

News about kidnapping children that you often see on television, newspapers or other media will surely make you parents become anxious. Because kidnapping happens not only in school-age children but also toddlers who are guarded by caregivers. This also makes the parents limit the world of playing his son. Children are told to play at home to avoid kidnapping. In addition, many parents are forced to stop working or ask the family for help nearby to take care of their children because they do not trust anymore with a babysitter. Aside from that, you can also try the Keep Kids Safe Gps Tracker for the optimum safety for your kids.

In addition to these two things, here are some things you can do to prevent kidnappings of children, especially school-age children:

Implement Precautions

Tell the child that he can not immediately believe in someone new to him. Tell them not to falter despite being persuaded with toys or candy. You should also say that they should not trust an unknown or new person even if the person mentioned the name of one of the family members he or she knows.

Choosing a Caregiver

If you are busy and there is no one to ask for help, you can use the services of a nanny. But make sure you find out about him and his background. Note also how to talk and body language when talking with you.

Always Observe your Kids

Although you have hired the services of a caregiver who will accompany your baby, try to always have free time to accompany and pay attention to it. Fell him playing, especially when outdoors.

Do not Give too many Jewelries

If the child is already in school, never give excessive jewelry so as to invite the kidnappers’ attention. Children who use jewelry like that will be targeted by the kidnappers because they assume that he is a rich person.

Establish Communication with People at School

Try to always communicate with people in school or daycare such as caregiver or teacher. Tell them to keep an eye on your child when the pickup is late. Also, tell them not to let the child go before the person they know picks him up. In this way, you will feel more calm and secure.


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