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Steps to Cure Hand Fracture

Steps to Cure Hand Fracture

A hand fracture is a condition of a fracture or fracture of the wrists and fingers. Hand fracture cases that often occur are caused by incorrect placement of the hand or wrist position when falling. Hand fractures generally occur in small bones in the fingers (phalanges) or long bones (metacarpal). To avoid bad things, you can visit the Best Urgent Care in Macomb MI.

Direct contact or collision of hands with other objects can result in broken hands. In some cases, hand fractures can be caused by:

– Fall
Falling with the hands first touching the ground can increase the risk of fractures.

– Crushing Injury due to the Use of Heavy Equipment
This occurs when the network is exposed to pressing forces. For example: when the hand is trapped in two very heavy objects.

– Sports injuries
Basketball, soccer, hockey and wrestling games must be carried out by following applicable regulations to minimize injury. In addition, someone who punches something also risks breaking the bone that connects the fingers to the wrist. This type of fault is called Boxer fracture. However, this type of fracture is rarely experienced in boxer athletes but is more common in less trained fighters.

In general, the condition of a broken hand, whether mild or severe, must be monitored by a doctor. However, first aid measures can still be done to prevent even more broken hand bones.

– Pain because a broken hand bone can be reduced. Hand compresses using ice cubes wrapped in a cloth to reduce swelling and pain. Then, rest the broken hand on the soft cushion.

– Immobilization which means limiting movement is very important for the correct healing process. In this case, it may be necessary to use casts, bales or special sling cloths.

– If bleeding occurs, use a clean cloth or gauze to stop bleeding by pressing it on the injured area.

– Immediately remove the jewelry or accessories in hand. Broken bones can trigger swelling so that jewelry can be restrained and difficult to remove.


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