Steps to Open Chakras to Maximize Sexual Activity

In our body, there are seven chakras which are sources of energy. One that has an effect on sexual activity is the second chakra, namely Svadisthana or the sex chakra. It is located in the hip area, the collarbone (a triangular bone behind the back, and the genitals. In this area, we will feel intimacy, satisfaction, and sexual desire. Visit Brainwave Entrainment to get help.

One of the characteristics of whether our chakras are open or not is seen in the way we live relationships. If we are close to our partner and enjoy sexual activity, we can be sure that we are one step closer to balancing the chakra energy. Instead, if it is not balanced, women often experience PMS, anemia, lower back pain, and lack of energy. Here are three steps to open the second chakra or strengthen it:

– Seeing and thinking about the color orange
Yep, the second chakra is identical to the color orange so seeing or thinking about it will activate sexual energy. Just add orange things in your workspace or bedroom and even your collection of clothes and accessories to get used to it. When meditating, focusing on the color orange is also great for improving concentration.

– Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy oils or candles are one of the easiest ways to open the chakras. Choose a scent of jasmine (jasmine), orange (orange), rose (rose), patchouli oil (patchouli), ylang (ylang-ylang), bergamot, or sandalwood (sandalwood) to help balance the sex chakras.

– A lot of dancing
Dancing, dancing, or moving the body to a rhythm helps activate our chakras and infuse energy into the body.

– Meditation
Meditation can reduce anxiety which helps lower the stress hormone cortisol. When stress goes down, our senses become more sensitive which makes it easier for us to feel touch, taste, and smell. This is what makes it easier for us to reach orgasm.

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