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Strengths and Weaknesses of VPS

Strengths and Weaknesses of VPS

VPS is effective for those who have businesses in cyberspace with high traffic. Why? That is because if you use normal hosting, high traffic will attract the attention of the hosting admin to block your hosting because it will affect the performance of another hosting. You can visit this site for Thai hosting information.

The following are some of the Advantages of Using VPS:
Full administration as the owner
Free install and uninstall software.
Stable server (reduced downtime).
Have a special Public IP.
Access sufficient server resources.
Easy web management with Cpanel.
Web monitoring service from the provider.
Easy data migration from shared to VPS with Cpanel.

The following are some of the disadvantages of using VPS:
The price is expensive compared to Shared Hosting.
Not suitable for beginners.
If a hardware failure occurs, it will affect all VPS on a server.
The server must be monitored frequently.
Share resources with other users, so that VPS is not running optimally.
More complicated software installation and management.
Must update to the latest software patch.

VPS hosting is usually the last choice if your website has grown, even beyond the shared hosting resource limit. If the most expensive package offered by shared hosting can no longer accommodate your website, then it’s time you switch to a VPS hosting package. VPS hosting is able to provide two of the best things for your website: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

However, there are certain cases that require you to use VPS hosting from the start. For example, you create an eCommerce website. Of course, you want to arrange for payment methods to be safer, more convenient, and faster and this can only be obtained if you use a virtual private server. In fact, if you store sensitive data or have to process payments online, VPS can reduce the risk of security leaks and identify the thief.

If you want website traffic to rise at certain times, for example, your website focuses on event planning or online ticket sales, of course, you can rely on various VPS hosting packages. Game servers and other sites that require large resources can also be created on VPS hosting to produce better performance.


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