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The 4 early steps in choosing a car wrap provider

The 4 early steps in choosing a car wrap provider

1. Pro-Active Customer Service: Are they interested in understanding your business? Does the customer’s customer service ask questions about the business, your target demography, your purpose for wrapping, and why do you see wrapping your vehicle as a marketing strategy? If you have to ask all the questions, which is representative of what the whole process would be like … pulling teeth for information. Make sure the company is customer focused and willing to start communication from scratch and really become passionate about the success of your business! Apart from that, you may also want to check out the Oracal car wrap as well.

2. Warranty Does the company offer a supported manufacturer warranty? Standard vehicle warranty wrappings range from 3-5 years based on where you are.

Step-by-Step There is various companies offering packaged vehicle services. Many small sign shops that may not have the right system in place to make the hassle-free customer experience from design to installation you need. Others are so great that you might feel like a number. To ensure that you have found a company that suits your needs, here are some signals to look for to evaluate their systems:
Ask if a customer service person will be assigned to your account to serve your needs throughout the entire process

– Did they return your early calls immediately?

– Can they easily take you through the process of getting the finished vehicle wrapper without hesitation? Can they explain the design process? Color inspection? Printing? Installation?

– Do they provide professional materials in a well-formatted email to follow up after the initial call?

– Do they have project management software in place to track orders?

4. Design expertise what is the formal design process? Are there creative consultations included in the quote where a customer service person takes time to evaluate when you are marketing your tactics, goals, and expectations to wrap you up and to understand the brand that you have worked so hard to perfect? Do they have professional designers that will fit your design style? Do you like their designs have been showcased on their website?


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