The Best Way For Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet as a diet method that is claimed to be effective in losing weight fast is still very popular. Many people are finally interested in following a diet that recommends a lot of consumption of this fat. One of the best ways to make the process quicker is with keto free trial supplement. The ketogenic diet does encourage the perpetrators to limit carbohydrates and increase the consumption of fat and protein. For many people who are “afraid of misery” when losing weight, the ketogenic diet is considered “heaven.” Most keto dieters eat foods high in saturated fat. Even though the consumption of saturated fat will increase the risk of disease, ranging from heart disease, high cholesterol, to cancer.

There is not much research on the keto diet. Initially, this diet was designed to treat epilepsy. The best diet is a nutritionally balanced diet by the health conditions of everyone. Some people should not eat foods high in fat, some need more. Before running the keto diet, you should consult with a nutrition specialist to ascertain what diet is most suitable. Later it will be seen from the results of laboratory examinations and also measured body composition. Only then will the doctor give guidance on a proper diet. In a weight loss diet, the target is not only weight loss and muscle, but body fat. Especially visceral fat or fat around the body organs. So that the weight goes down and the bonus is healthier. Diet under the supervision of a doctor is also safer because the process of decreasing it will continue to be monitored. If it is not according to the target, evaluated what needs to be improved. Don’t just go on your diet. Weight loss but increased risk of disease due to the consumption of mostly saturated fat.

If you want to go on a keto diet, you should consume 20 percent of your total daily needs and should come from unsaturated fats, such as sea fish, nuts, olive oil, canola oil, or chia seeds. This is the fat intake advice from the international consensus. Besides, protein intake must be as needed, as well as consumption of vegetables and fruit for fiber and vitamin needs. The ketogenic diet is not recommended to be a long-term diet. After all, our bodies still need carbohydrates.

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