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The Comparison Between Renting A Car With Taking Public Transportations

The Comparison Between Renting A Car With Taking Public Transportations

Traveling with the family on public transport can indeed be the choice of many people. However, what is unfortunate is choosing to use public transportation while assuming that renting a car will be more expensive than paying 5 to 6 family members on public transportation. However, if it’s for formal occasions, then spending a bit more money by renting a fancy car from the best luxury car hire can worth all the money that you may spend for it.

That’s why you might need to consider these things before you decide whether to rent a car or take public transportation to travel with your family:

1. Car rental is relatively expensive, but it’s cheap if there are many passengers

If you travel with many family members, renting a car can be a cheaper option. By renting a car you will be freer to chat with other family members because privacy in a rental vehicle makes everyone more comfortable.

2. You don’t need to wait for public transportation to arrive

Another disadvantage of public transportation is that you can come late to an event. For example, just because it is too long to wait for public transportation to arrive, and once you arrive it waits for other passengers many times. This will not happen when you rent a car, because every car you rent can be driven according to your own will freely.

3. You can be free anywhere all-day

If in your destination you want to stop by several places, then using public transportation is a bad idea because you can spend the most money only on public transportation costs, and it could be that you have trouble getting to a place because there is no public transportation to the area. This can also be overcome by using a car rental because you can be free anywhere in the specified time.

4. Some car rental services include a driver

Haven’t you memorized the way to certain tourist attractions or to other important areas? Most car rental services already provide drivers to drive the car you rent, and this driver is experienced at tourist attractions and other important places making it easier for you if you want to travel and do not know the way.


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