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The Definition of Marble

One type of rock that is on Earth is marble. Marble stone is one type of metamorphic rock, where the process of the formation is due to the process of metamorphosis of limestone. Marble is often found as stones that used for floors, decorate homes, walls, even furniture such as tables, benches, and so forth. You can visit welsh slate signs to get some equipment made of marble such as kitchen and dining ware, slate and house sign, and many more.

The reason why this marble is often chosen as a home decorating stone is that it has a very beautiful appearance. Marble has a certain pattern or pattern and has a variety of colors that combine it, this is what makes marble beautiful and suitable for use as material for building decorations. Besides that, the marble stone has properties that are old and easily sculpted. On this occasion, we will discuss more marble. This marble is a stone produced from the process of metamorphosis of limestone for a long period of time.

As one type of natural stone, and one type of metamorphic or melting rock, this marble has special characteristics that distinguish it from other types of stone. Some types of marble are as follows:

– Has a compact stone structure.
– Crystal clusters in marble stone are relatively the same as the texture to the rather rough one.
– In general, marble is composed of calcite minerals with other minor minerals such as mica, chlorite, quartz, and other types of silicates such as graphite, hematite, and also limonite.
– Has a commercial or economic value that depends on the color and texture of the stone.
– Affected by porosity, strain strength, and strength to weather.

Those are some characteristics that are attached to marble which will distinguish it from other types of rock.


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