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The Different Types Of Bows

The Different Types Of Bows

Do you plan to replace the bow strings? Before going to the market to find out the best quality product, it would be better to first read this article. Archery sports are now beginning to be loved by many Indonesians, ranging from children to elderly people, men, and women. Archery is so booming, one of the reasons is because of the growing concern of people to try to run this sport.

In ancient times, archery was used for fighting and hunting. Archery has become a popular sport for a long time now. Even in almost all civilizations that have ever existed on this earth, artifacts from this sport are often found, especially from their arcs. The bow is used to throw arrows. There are so many types of bows according to the design, material and how they get used.


As the name suggests, longbow has a length that even exceeds the wearer’s height. This bow has a relatively narrow limb thickness and the cross-section is shaped like the letter D. Compared to other types of arcs, the arch is relatively small. More power comes from the limb length. The longer, it is believed that the arrows are farther and farther away. It’s just that, this type of bow is not flexible compared to other types of arcs.


This type of bow is barely curved. The waste is flat and the crossing is relatively wider. The shape looks more like a square. However, modern flatbow is now more similar to a classic longbow.


This bow is a shorter version of longbow and flatbow. It’s just that, this bow has a drawback weakness that cannot be long because the bow is short. The effect, the range of arrows that are bolted is also shorter. Shortbow first developed in America and Africa used by tribes in the interior for hunting purposes.


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