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The Effect of Hot Air for Body Health

The Effect of Hot Air for Body Health

These days the outside air feels so hot, even some people feel reluctant to leave the house. But is there any effect of this hot air on one’s health? “If the body cannot adjust to temperatures that have risen sharply this year, it can make some of us feel sick,” said Dr. David Claypool, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Apart from that, hire the recommended aircon servicing singapore if the AC in your home is broken and the room temperature becomes too hot for you to bear air conditioner.

The temperature that rises or feels hot does not sometimes cause diseases that usually appear like bacterial or viral infections. But this condition can still affect how the body works.

“Hot and cold air can still affect physiology, so hot temperatures still affect a person’s body,” Dr. Claypool said.

Diseases associated with hot air such as cramps are usually possible when a person is exercising in the hot air, heat edema which is swelling due to high temperatures and a heart attack that is fatal or fatal heat stroke.

In general, the human body is able to do a pretty good job in adjusting to the hot climate, but of course, it must be given the opportunity to adapt. Meanwhile, sweat is one of the ways the body performs cooling.

“People who are very young and very old are more susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations, so they are more likely to have a higher risk of developing hot air-related diseases,” he said.

If you really have to spend time outside with a higher than normal temperature, Claypool recommends exposing your body to moderate so that it does not cause disease.

When outside make sure you get plenty of fluid intakes even if you’re not exercising, and replace the minerals and salt that comes out through sweat. And use clothes that can protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can burn the skin.

It’s best to leave the room or house if it’s really needed and make sure to pause in the shade to rest. If indeed you are not healthy, you should avoid going out of the room.


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